Apply for the Advanced Diploma in Cloud Computing:


Today, degrees holders are becoming more and more jobless due to skills gap as identified by RDB in its 2012 ICT skills gap survey report.

Fortunately, the Ministry of Education has created WDA, an agency responsible for providing a strategic response to skills development challenges facing the country across all sectors of the economy and we are proud to be accredited by WDA at level 7 for the Advanced Diploma in Cloud Computing like other IPRCs or higher learning institution.

Moreover, our awards have a component that serve as collateral in banks when it comes to designing own business for any graduate who complete our program. As such, no more hassle in receiving loan to start own businesses since our graduate students are given a bank guarantee through NEP Korawigire and we can assist our students from the start of the loan application till end.    So, our certificates mean bank/project money. Not only that,  the International Data Centre statistics and trends reveal that cloud-infrastructure spending was predicted to hit 33.4 billion in 2015 while the non-cloud infrastructure spending was to hold steady at $67 billion. According to the Dell’Oro Group report, analysts forecast that by 2017 cloud data centers will account for 50% of Server infrastructure revenue. Infonetics, as well, predicts that the cloud-security-service is likely to see double-digit growth through 2018 and cloud computing opportunities and jobs are on the rise, globally these days.

Therefore, we would like to encourage you to enroll into our Advanced Diploma in Cloud Computing Program  and you take this double advantage. The key main levels are:

  1. Certificate in Mobile Technologies, Networking and Digital Marketing.
  2. Diploma in Cloud System Administration and Mobile Apps Development.
  3. Advanced Diploma in Cloud Computing.

The key competencies will be:

  1. Cloud System Administration
  2. Mobile Apps Development and
  3. Cloud Business Development and Management

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Please, apply to enjoy the benefit of our program where you get a higher learning award along with a bank guarantee to start your own business. Our  courses are provided at our Maranyundo Campus (behind Nyamata Sector) on the tarmac road toward Gahembe & Gako.

Welcome to Worldwide E-Learning Campus (WEC), a unique accredited institute in Cloud Computing and a partner of the National Cloud Technologists Association –USA. As of now in Rwanda, we are the best in Cloud computing and Cyber security training. Our pass rate in powerful Ethical Hacking certifications is above 83% and this proves our highest quality standard.

Announcement: This Advanced Diploma in Cloud Computing is not operational since October 2020. We are actually renovating our campus, once done we will communicate for new applicants.