Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) Certification: The world’s highest standard for HR Professionals.



The Professional in Human Resources – International (PHRi™) is a global, competency-based credential that is designed to validate professional-level core HR knowledge and skills. The credential demonstrates mastery of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles. Independent of geographic region, the credential complements local HR practices. Through demonstrated knowledge, the credential enhances the credibility of HR professionals and the organizations they serve.
How do I receive the PHRi™ Certification?
In order to receive this international award from the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), an individual must meet strict professional experience, educational requirements and an acceptable level of HR proficiency by successfully completing the PHRi™ training available at the Worldwide E-Learning Campus and passing the PHRi™ examination.

How do I enroll the PHRi™ Certification?

As HRCI’s Certification Preparation Provider in Rwanda, Worldwide E-Learning Campus is currently enrolling trainees for the next phase of the PHRi™ training and scheduled to start very soon.  But first, we invite you to register here (fill in form on this page) to attend the PHRi™ ‘Question & Answer’ meeting , so that you can get further information on how to enroll on the PHRi™ course and also ask any other related issues about this program.