Woman-homeCloud Computing is an ICT structure that allows people to upload, access, and share information from a variety of network devices such as laptops, phones, tablets, or televisions. This is more efficient because people constantly can access their data while additionally releasing them from the constraints of having to move around with a specific device.

Cloud computing helps countries and Rwanda especially to fully exploit the transformational power of ICT by allowing a cost-effective sharing resources. It helps relax some of the constraints induced by prohibitive and heavy capital expenditures in IT hardware infrastructures, software that have limited the development of ICT in developing countries, particularly for small and medium enterprises that cannot afford the high price of these resources.

While the rise of cloud computing frightens some in IT, many see the technology as an opportunity to accelerate their careers and grow their bank accounts. However, those attempting to navigate their Cloud Careers must take specific paths, and understand certain skill sets are valued more than others.

There is an explosion in both cloud computing use and demand for people who can help with cloud migrations. There are about 100 jobs chasing each qualified person at this point in time, according to technical recruiters.

Worldwide E-Learning Campus is therefore proud to introduce this program in Rwanda, and you are highly welcome to enroll.  You will be contacted soon by our support team for further information.