PMP® Exam has a lot of challenges

  1. Very few people pass the PMP® exam at first attempt.
  2. Some applicants struggle with eligibility application
  3. A big number of PMP® students struggle to get powerful training organizations.

We are the answer:

  1. Biggest contributor: Above 60% of those who got certified from 2017 to date in Rwanda, have been supported by WEC. 
  2. PMP® Application Support: WEC is a unique PMI® ATP in Rwanda, that assist candidates to apply for PMP exam. A rigorous process that many candidates fail to complete. 
  3. PMP® Exam Prep. centered methodology: WEC methodology is special, it highly focuses on real life project management problem for hands on skills development, and on purely PMP® Exam preparation.
  4. Highest pass rate: Above 90% of PMP® candidates trained by WEC and who fulfilled our conditions, have passed the PMP® Exam with floor.    

We are cost effective:

To help our clients, we have different PMP® training packages:

  1. PMP_Premium Package
  2. PMP_Gold Package
  3. PMP_Silver Package
  4. PMP_Bronze Package
  5. PMP_Light Package, and 
  6. PMP_Sweet Package

One them (premium) provides 12 months support with 3 PMP® Exam attempts (to candidates who fulfilled our conditions). 

For more information, write to: pmppackages[@]