In collaboration with Tek Experts, Elev8, and Harambee, we are planning to launch the CDMD 2 course. 

If we receive the fund (fund will be highly limited to few successful applicants), the training will focus on practical hands on skills and will be provided by certified professionals from Elev8, Tek Experts, Harambee and WEC.

The photo on our left shows a group of the first CDMD graduates and if you may know any of them, please ask feedback from him/her. CDMD course is the best and enjoyable to anyone who is available. 


The content to be provided is: 

  1. Azure Fundamentals
  2. Microsoft 365 (Certification may be included)
  3. Microsoft Team
  4. Dynamics 365
  5. Microsoft Azure Administrator
  6. ITS Device Configuration and Management (Certification may be included)
  7. Accent Neutralization 
  8. CBP Customer Support and Team Leadership (Certification may be included)


  1. Filling the online application form 
  2. Be a Rwandan
  3. Have a Rwanda National ID
  4. Have A2 or A1 or A0 certificate or equivalent 
  5. Be available for six months 
  6. Pass the entry tests. You must get at least 75% (B2 Level) in English to succeed. 
  7. You should have not been the beneficiary of SDF or CDMD sponsorship before. 


  1. Apart from the training, the program will include 3 international certification exams if provided. 
  2. This is a non-boarding training
  3. Apply as soon as possible since the fund will be highly limited to very few applicants and the first in will be the first served.