Why do you need to be a Certified Project Manager? So, which program should you follow and for which reason?


In the business word, the more things you are certified to do, the more marketable you will be to employers.

True Certifications are about achieving designations that demonstrates to your employer or to your clients that you are, indeed, an expert in a particular area or areas, and that a reputable, recognizable organization is willing to attest that. So, why don’t you be certified by strong organizations like PMI® and CompTIA?

In fact, CompTIA and PMI® are powerful and reputed institutions in the field of IT industry & project management. As of November 2015 LinkedIn survey, CompTIA and PMI® are the first six best certifiers and the best in their respective expertise (go on the link selection and scroll down to select IT Generalist or go down again to select Project Managers).  By doing so, you will exactly understand the reason why we have selected the above two certifiers. If you need to be respected in the field of Project Management, PMP® is the most respected on the Advanced level while CompTIA Project+ is among the best on the level of Intermediate with an emphasize on handling IT related projects.

Major Credential Levels:

  1. Advanced Level: PMP® (PMI)
  2. Intermediate Level: Project+ (CompTIA), CAPM®(PMI), Prince2 Foundation (Prince2)

PMP® Entry Options: 

  1. High School Diploma Holders: 5 Years of experience with 7,500 hours dedicated to projects + 35 hours of Project Management Training by a reputed institution or by a R.E.P.
  2. Bachelor Degree Holders: 3 Years of experience with 4,500 hours dedicated to projects + 35 hours of Project Management Training by a reputed institution or by a R.E.P.

As such, CompTIA project+ training will make you certified on intermediate level and our course will give you 35 hours required for the PMP®Examination.

Exam pass guarantee 
With our experience from April 2015, we have reached a level of 100%  pass rate in CompTIA Project+ examination. Our secret is that we train and we help students in exams preparations through case study scenarios in such way that everything becomes easy. One can consult any of our Project Management graduates. In addition to that, we follow our students one by one till when he/she gain full confidence of sitting for the exam and this takes around 98 hours. We have never found any other training institution that will give you a such support. We are really special.


For more explanation, fill the left side form and we shall send the information park related to the CopmTIA project+ content and we shall then contact you to clarify how our training is tailored till the PMP® examination.

Join and enjoy the beauty of becoming a certified Project Manager by strong organizations.

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