Rwanda Cabinet  Meeting Decision

On Wednesday, 26th April 2017, the Rwanda Cabinet Meeting chaired by His Excellency the President of the Republic, Paul KAGAME, convened in Village URUGWIRO; has approved the digital talent policy

Digital Talent Policy Measures

ICT-­illiterate citizens and businesses are increasingly finding themselves in an awkward position that those lacking functional literacy were occupying in the last century.

Rwanda’s ambitions to become the ICT hub of the region will also be seriously curtailed if the issue of limited ICT Skills and Literacy is not addressed in a systematic manner.

As such, the Government of Rwanda has approved the above mentioned digital talent policy which is imposing the following in near future:

  1. All employees governed by the public service law and those employed in Government owned corporation will undergo training and be certified with globally accepted digital literacy providers.
  2. New job entrants must have at least Basic level certificate from globally accepted digital literacy providers (Ref. Page 18).
  3. All students at all levels of formal education will need to undergo training and get certified in Digital Literacy. Students in Higher Learning Institutions should also graduate with an appropriate globally accepted Digital Literacy standard (Ref. Page 18).

To answer to this strategic need, we have reserved an offer to those young aspirants with eager to achieve their ultimate goals quicker.

One of the most popular digital literacy certification provider is ICDL and WEC is the ICDL Academy. 


Note: This offer is closed and no need to apply to it.