#This scholarship offer has been closed#

About Skills development Fund (SDF) Scholarship

The Government of Rwanda through the Workforce Development Authority’s Skills Development Fund, has availed funds to Worldwide E-Learning Campus (WEC), to enable nationals acquire critical skills needed on the market. WEC is dedicating these funds to availing scholarships to anyone interested in acquiring skills in Office Automation, Maintenance and Management.

What is SDF ?
This is a financing arrangement within the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) that provides funds for rapid skills delivery through Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

Why does the SDF exist?
To minimize skills gaps by rapidly increasing the supply of high demand skills in the labor market.

About this Scholarship:

As more organizations all over the world use digital office technologies and frameworks to get Administrative office work done, the demand for skilled & certified Office automation personnel is increasing.

These WDA-SDF Office Maintenance & Automation (OMA) Scholarships are an investment in the future of Rwandan nationals, the next generation of solution-oriented creative leaders, entrepreneurs, business executives and trendsetters. The scholarship is dedicated to development of Office Maintenance and Automation skills among Rwandans.

Evaluation of Online Applicants:

All applicants that submitted their information here, will be contacted very soon for evaluation and given further information about the Office Maintenance and Automation training program.


#This scholarship offer has been closed#