There is nothing better in studying than learning during the day.

  1. No disturbance: Cloud Computing needs time and concentration. The best way of practicing is to select a day program.
  2. More energy: After a good nights sleep, you’ll likely have more energy and a higher ability to concentrate the next day.
  3. Group discussion: Cloud Computing is a practical course and needs more discussion with lecturers and classmates. By learning during the day, you have enough time to discuss and learn from the group. Imagine how can you design a mobile app, then deploy it in the cloud to be accessed by the clients, do you think to be a best app if you did not assess it with a group of experts?
  4. Revision time: When learning during the day, you have enough time to revise in evening. Everything depends on the time and energy spent. In cloud computing, exams are tailored on several international certifications and one should have enough revision time to concentrate in order to pass the cloud computing exams.

However, we have concluded to provide a day program offer because it is constrained by several financial issues such as accommodation etc. This offer, is applicable for the academic years 2016-2017 and  2017-2018. If you would like to benefit from this offer, please apply here on the right.