Q#1. What should make me more interested to start now?

  • Ans- Because of COVID-19 we liked to assist affected students who must stay home for 6 months and we are offering to them a very big discount to remotely assist them before re-opening.

Q#2. How long does it take?

  • Ans- Just one week maximum per module.

Q#3. Why is that course so important to me and what should I gain?

  • Ans- First of all, it’s government requirements ( (Ref. Digital Talent Policy Page 18)).
  • Ans- Secondly, it increases your employment probability.
  • Ans- Thirdly, by passing the exam you may gain international certification that can help you anywhere in the world.
  • Ans- Fourthly, some classes are being actually conducted remotely and will gain the required skills.

Q#4. How many modules do I need to take to complete the whole course?

  • Ans- Just 7 modules

Q#5. The difference between computer science at school/university and this digital literacy certification?

  • Ans- This is a digital literacy certification and not a computer science academic degree. It is an international certification  done by  people around the world and not by a particular country. 
  • Ans – Computer Science degree don’t focus at all on digital literacy which is a critical gap as all institutions need digital literate staff.  
  • Ans – Certification pass mark is above 75% and with more questions compared to 50% pass mark for digital literacy courses conducted in Computer Science departments. 

Q#6. Is this course allowed to any one?

  • Ans- Yes, it is for everyone but this discount applies only to students before Schools/Universities re-opening in September 2020. 

Q#7. What are the requirements?

  • Ans- You must be a student with a valid active ID card.
  • Ans- You must have a computer with internet connection.
  • Ans- Pay due fees before the start of the course