How can Financial Institutions in Rwanda, use Social Media to get and keep more customers?


In this day and age, where advertising rules the world, there are endless resources available to help Financial Institutions to spread the word out and making people more aware of their solutions. One of these ways is, through Digital and Social Media marketing. 

Worldwide E-Learning Campus has organized an event for  individuals involved in the selling of Financial Solutions and products, to equip them with essential digital media tips & techniques for getting customers. This event can be attended preferably through face-to-face (seminar) or online (webinar).

Who is this event for?

Senior Managers, Communication Managers, Marketing, Sales, Media and Public Relations Executives. 

What you will get from this Event?

You will get tips on how to:

  • Build a strong image and presence online, as it is your public face to the online world.
  • Give appropriate information about your solutions and products.
  • Make it easy for people to connect with you on social media.
  • Meet your objectives of generating leads, follow-up and closing the sell.
  • Measure your marketing effort.
  • Raise your institution’s credibility & brand.
Ayaan Jama Keynote Speaker

Ayaan Jama Keynote Speaker

About the Keynote Speaker for this event
Ayaan is a belgian national currently living in Rwanda and is the lead Expert instructor at Worldwide E-Learning Campus for the PDDM Digital Marketing Certification. She is a holder of an MBA in Communications from Universite Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve and has prevviously worked on a major Local-Products-promotion Project, for a Local Manufacturers Association in Togo that required her to utilize innovative digital techniques to help Local Togolese business people sell their products.

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