How can NGOs use social media & digital communications to create impact and eradicate poverty?


In this day and age, where advertising rules the world, there are endless resources available to help not-for-profits to spread the word out and making people more aware of their causes. One of these ways is, through Digital and Social Media marketing. 

On Wednesday 22nd February 2017 (at 5:30pm C.A.T), Worldwide E-Learning Campus- Kigali, organised  a free face-to-face and online presentation on “How can NGOs use social media & digital communications to create impact?” 


Who attended this event?

NGO Senior Managers, Communication Mangers, Media & Public Relations executives. 

What participants got from this Event?

This was a great opportunity for participants to learn valuable information about how they can utilise the latest Digital & online media techniques to:

  • Improve their organisations’ Engagement with its Sponsor/Donors
  • Enhance their organisation’s visibility and reputation through transparency
  • Fundraising


Opposite I&M Kigali Main Branch, Worldwide E-Learning Campus Corporate Training Office
Umutako House
Kigali – Rwanda

Ayaan Jama Keynote Speaker

Ayaan Jama Keynote Speaker

About the Keynote Speaker for this event
Ayaan is a belgian national currently living in Rwanda and is the lead Expert instructor at Worldwide E-Learning Campus for the PDDM Digital Marketing Certification. She is a holder of an MBA in Communications from Universite Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve and has prevviously worked on a major Local-Products-promotion Project, for a Local Manufacturers Association in Togo that required her to utilize innovative digital techniques to help Local Togolese business people sell their products.

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