What’s the benefit as a Student?

With Worldwide E-Learning Campus, a student will be able  to get an ICDL certification, which is the world’s leading digital skills certification.
This will help them to develop and certify their skills in
using a computer Digital skills;

  • Basic digital literacy of working with files and folders, and getting about online,
  • Advanced topics of coding, developing ‘information literacy’,
  • Understanding how to stay safe online,

And these is the key part of any young persons’ education.

“Being equipped with the right digital skills means
being equipped for the future of work and life”

Does certification matter?

There are lots of ways to learn how to use a computer,
but proving acquired skills with certification is key to truly
equipping people with useful competences.

As well as proving skills acquired,
certification also validates the quality of training,
showing that students have really take in what they studies,
and providing a motivation to complete the course.

ICDL Testing during COVID-19


COVID-19 has had a major impact on nearly every area of our lives.

Training and education is no exception to help and support you in keeping some normality in this difficult time.

Word Wide E-learning Campus has developed several resources for Training
The student in the Holidays such as Face to face respectively to government rules
of fighting Covid-19 Pandemic like;

  • Social distancing
  • Washing Hands
  • Wearing grooves in usage of Computer
  • And we have organized the e-learning system because we have few seats on our Training center.