ICDL training and certification is open to people of all ages and backgrounds. Anyone who wants to change careers, wants to learn new skills, and is willing to learn and work hard can be successful in his career. If you are 10 years old or 80 years old, you can have ICDL Training and get your International certification which can help you in your daily life.


The ICDL programme defines the skills and competencies necessary to use a computer and common computer applications. It offers a wide range of modules including Computer Essentials, Word Processing and IT Security. Candidates take tests in the modules which are most relevant to their educational and professional requirements, thereby creating their ICDL Profile. Whether in school, university or in the workplace, ICDL offers the skills you need to succeed.


ICDL programmes are for anyone who wishes to become fully competent in the use of a computer and common applications. Computer skills enable people of all ages to understand and use technology to improve their personal and professional lives. ICDL modules provide a practical programme of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas which are validated by a test.



The ability to use a computer effectively is an essential life skill. Computer skills enable people of all ages to understand and use technology to improve their personal and professional lives. A computer skills certification can help the holder’s professional life by making them more attractive to employers, while increasing their ability to communicate and access information and services in their personal life.


Skilled employees enable organisations to use technology more effectively, leading to increases in productivity and competitiveness and ensuring that operational objectives are achieved more efficiently.  ICDL certification programmes are used to increase the value of human capital and achieve productivity gains through developing competent employees.



Students with ICT skills enjoy an enriched educational experience and will be better prepared for life, work, and further learning. ICT skills enable teachers to use technology more effectively in the teaching process, thus achieving educational goals more efficiently, and in doing so save time and increase productivity in the classroom.

As Worldwide E-Learning Campus care about you, we brought you ICDL Program, it’s your chance now to be the among of skilled and competent people  in the world.

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