Under SDF II, we are offering a written interview to applicants to qualify for an apprenticeship-based training under two trades namely:

  1. Cloud Computing (25 Candidates)
  2. Data Analysis (25 Candidates)

The training will focus on practical hands on skills with certified professionals. This is the 2nd exam and we are allowing only these ones who have obtained above 50% in the first exam to participate. 

Remember, the courses to be provided are: 

A. Common Courses for both trades

A.1. Cloud Computing Fundamentals

  1. Cloud computing overview
  2. Azure Fundamentals: AZ – 900
  3. Microsoft 365: MS – 900
  4. Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM): MB – 910
  5. Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP): MB – 920
  6. Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals: PL – 900  
  7. Managing Microsoft Teams: MS – 700

A.2. Business Communication and Job Related courses

  1. Business Communication provided by an external body
  2. Job related course provided by an international employer

B. Elective Courses 

B.1. Advanced Cloud Services (Specific to Cloud Computing Trade)

  1. Microsoft Azure Administrator: AZ – 104
  2. Microsoft Azure Stack Hub: AZ – 600

B.2. Data Analytics (Specific to Data Analysis Trade)

  1. Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals: DP – 900
  2. Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI: DA – 100

Instructions for the written interview:

  1. Once you get your login credentials, download the interview questionnaire from WEC Learning Management System not later than tomorrow 10am . While waiting for your credential, you can access the questionnaire here.
  2. Submit your assignment not later than 10:00am (morning) on 22nd September 2021
  3. Work independently. Please, don’t share your work with other candidates.
  4. Any plagiarism will lead to disqualification
  5. Submit your MS Word and PowerPoint presentation documents saved within a zipped folder. Click here to learn how to download your work
  6. Do not exceed the deadline since the system will close itself (advise, submit earlier 30 minutes before the closing time)

Deadline: Wednesday 22th September 2021 at 10:00 GMT

Entrance Exams: Be aware that this is the 2nd exams focusing on creativity and business initiatives in Cloud Computing. Fifty (50) successful applicants will then receive our scholarship. For this stage, we have only taken those who have received above 50% in the 1st exam. 

How to submit: A sample video showing you how to upload the assignment is here

Available Content Outline:

  1. Azure Fundamentals
  2. Microsoft 365 fundamentals
  3. Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM)
  4. Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP)
  5. Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals
  6. Managing Microsoft Teams
  7. Microsoft Azure Administrator
  8. Microsoft Azure Stack Hub
  9. Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI
  10. Etc.


  1. Apart from the training, there is certification and employment if you perform better. 
  2. This training will be performed in collaboration with key international employers