Worldwide E-Learning Campus supported by different international partners has been included into a Training for Jobs Initiative. This initiative aims at looking funds from different sponsors like the Government of Rwanda, Companies, Philanthropists, Guardians, etc. who can support trainees then WEC & partners strives for employment at completion. 

Under the Priority Skills for Growth (PSG) Program initiated trough a partnership agreement between the World Bank and the Government of Rwanda where its major component includes the Skills Development Fund II (SDF II) of the Rwanda TVET Board, WEC received a training fund and support from different employment partners.  

Among these partners, Elev8, Tek Experts and Harambee have been key to delivering the training. Their training support gives to WEC’s trainees an additional component that was lacking from the technical training. Things like speaking & accent neutralization, customer support, etc. are keys to international jobs. At end of the course, 60% of all trainees have received international support jobs at WEC’s partners even before graduation. This responds to WEC’s philosophy of Bye Bye Joblessness (BBJ)

CIB Education

CIB Educations stands for Corporate Innovative Based (CIB) Education, a brand of Worldwide E-Learning Campus (WEC).  It’s a unique and innovative program of WEC focusing on a real-life learning approach within a working environment.  Our “Experience Based Learning” falls into CIB Education.  This totally opposes a conventional education approach where learning institutions should be in a safe and quiet area far away from workplace.   

In fact, conventional education’s blackboard or white board notes are erasable and no issue associated with erasing these notes. However, if you erase bank accounts’ information in a bank, you will create big irreversible losses. 

Therefore, CIB Education comes as an answer. It’s an education enhancing responsibility and ownership of trainees since they learn from workplace.

In the same direction, WEC is focusing on creating a fully-fledged BPO that provides jobs in different areas. In this context, WEC will help trainees to get experience through real work environment. Successful trainees will be given similar access like usual WEC staff. They will handle international customers, communicate with them, call them, create cases when needed and do reports. It’s a real-life virtual/remote customer support service course.

Since the course includes key international certification exams like Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, etc. successful trainees have the highest employability chances since most of support clients use these technologies.   

Why BPO?

WEC aim is to establish a fully-fledged BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) organization that provides jobs in different areas. Remember the following:  
  • International BPOs create jobs worldwide and hence employment opportunity sharing
  • BPO jobs increase the foreign currency inflow and reduce the unemployment rate considerably
  • All international BPO employees receive salaries from abroad, pay monthly payees/taxes and hence boosting the country economy
In brief, BPOs highly contribute to a sustainable improvement in the Rwanda economy, supporting the Government’s published aims to be a service led economy.
In fact, WEC’s philosophy is Bye Bye Joblessness (BBJ). WEC is really passionate about youth employment and we are happy to have now 140+ staff in virtual/remote customer support services through WEC Tech Hub. The little we have, we share with the youth community.