Professional Internship Opportunity

At WEC, we have wonderful six month professional internships with the following benefits:

  1. Microsoft Certifications: During this professional internship, we offer training and one examination of key Microsoft certifications 
  2. Allowance: We provide a monthly internship allowance of 70,000 Rwf
  3. RDB Support possibility: There is a possibility of getting RDB internship of 50,000Rwf allowance for eligible applicants regardless if you have our monthly allowances or not. However, RDB supports a small number of trainees even if we submit the list of all applicants.   
  4. Government Scholarships: Our institution is eligible to SDF fund, under the Priority Skills for Growth (PSG)  Program,  initiated trough a partnership agreement between the World Bank and the Government of Rwanda.  
  5. Jobs placement possibility: At end of our training, we start to submit the names of certified trainees to top employers 

Microsoft Certification value

Getting ahead is not magic, luck, or guesswork. You have to plan for success, and you can do that by following a path to certification. Whichever certification level you choose—fundamental, associate, or expert—and whichever role you want to become certified in, by verifying your skills, you’ll unlock opportunities. When you pass a Microsoft Certification exam, you’ll earn a digital badge, which you can share online with your professional network.

  • Get hired—faster: Certification validates your skills, which means you’ll have what you need to stand out as a great candidate. Employers regularly use certification as a criterion for hiringNew hires who are certified reach full productivity a month sooner than non-certified hires, and they have more opportunities for advancement, too.
  • Get recognized: By building or updating your skills, you can reach full productivity sooner and become an indispensable employee or team member. Compared to their peers, Microsoft-certified developers are 90 percent more productive and nearly 60 percent more efficient. In the 2018 Pearson VUE report, 36.9 percent of IT professionals claimed that certification helped them perform complex tasks more confidently. Certification demonstrates not only your skills mastery but also your willingness to embrace new technologies and your commitment to lifelong learning and growth. For these reasons, in many certification surveys a large majority of respondents report being acknowledged as a valuable employee after certification.

For further details on Microsoft Certification benefits, one can read this Microsoft Publication

Jobs Opportunities

According to the 2012 National ICT sector Skills Gap survey conducted by RWANDA DEVELOPMENT BOARD, The Unemployment problem in Rwanda is mainly attributed to the critical prevalent Skills gap. As such, we came up with a training scheme that fulfil the gap. 

Our training includes key employment players and we make sure that our training are provided conjointly to transfer specifically the skills needed.

Note: Don’t confuse our training with job guarantee. We don’t and will never guarantee jobs. Our Graduates must always fulfil the employers recruitment process and meet their requirements. We only fulfil their skills gaps for some specific jobs and recommend them for the same. In few words, it’s a self-service job offering where all depend on the applicants’ performance during recruitment examinations.   

Government Scholarship 

WEC is eligible to SDF fund, under the Priority Skills for Growth (PSG)  Program,  initiated trough a partnership agreement between the World Bank and the Government of Rwanda.  We are still approaching different government institutions through our consortium for other funds so that we can increase the number of trainees. 

However, this scholarship is seasonal and shared through the whole country and cannot be sufficient. Applicants must meet the deadline or apply earlier to be in our database and do exams earlier to be shortlisted. It is mandatory that applicants meet the B2 English level (75%) requirement.