We are glad to communicate that WEC has been offered a chance to join the Elev8 Training for Job Consortium aiming at creating thousands of jobs in the next coming five years. It’s a consortium of WEC, Elev8, and Tek Experts.  

This gives our people an opportunity to grow exponentially. The consortium includes WEC into a strong employment ecosystem of companies that can employ even 100,000. 

As a result, we are required to submit a group of best performing customer support agents (CSAs) for a big opportunity that will come in June 2022. Getting this opportunity may help our CSAs to experience another type of voice customer support role. 

If you are interested, you should apply quickly and be ready for an advanced customer support training since we want to be nicely represented.  The deadline for application is Sunday 10th April 2022

Why Technical Support?

Technical support is considered as a “backup career” because it can enter the industry with any experience level and background. In our life, we always need support and we build good relations from previous best support. It becomes extremely fantastic when it’s about technical support from lower to higher level support. It’s always impressive.  

On the other had, support service is the backbone of the company’s success, making it one of the most critical roles you can play. In life, there is a unique thing that doesn’t accept a second chance and that’s “First Impression” we get from the first support especially when it’s technical. 

Therefore, our Certification of Remote Technical Support implies highest employment probability in current and hot remote job opportunities. If our client alone has a capacity to absorb a good number of new entry level remote support staff every month, how about our partners in the consortium or big players worldwide?

Who is targeted?

Google’s former SVP of People Operations Laszlo Bock said “When you look at people who don’t go to school and make their way in the world, those are exceptional human beings. And we should do everything we can to find those people”.  

Actually, a lot of international big companies like Google, Facebook, IBM, EY(UK), Hilton, Apple, Bank of America, etc. are no longer looking for college degrees while recruiting because a degree doesn’t tell them about talent, willingness and commitment. 

Therefore, even if some of WEC’s partners may be having degrees’ appetite, at WEC we believe in talent and courage to make it right. That’s why we are considering every young person from Senior 6 up to PhD graduates in case they want our opportunities. We highly believes in actions. One unique and compulsory requirement is to have B2 English level (75%) for any applicant.   

In fact, technical support focuses on getting things done timely and accurately and not on academic level.    

Confusion removal

Your application doesn’t mean that you will receive this Advanced CSA position. In fact, WEC or partners don’t provide jobs to unsuccessful job applicants. Apart from the training and recommendation to the advanced support jobs, our partners are companies of equal opportunities and their recruitment process is highly fair. In few words, it’s a self-service job offering where all depend on the applicants’ performance.  What is the difference between our partners with other institutions, they are regularly absorbing a good number of new remote technical support staff every month.

Mandatory Requirement

Ziprecruiter has identified  the top skills employers are looking for. Their findings shown that:
  1. 51% of 250,000 selected communication as the most wanted skills by employers
  2. https://www.ziprecruiter.com/blog/job-skills-employers-want/ 

As such, it is mandatory that applicants meet the B2 English level (75%) requirement as a preliminary step.