Only Basic and Premium Authorized Training Partners who deliver PMP exam prep courses must complete PMI® Authorized Training Partner Train the Trainer – PMP® Exam Prep. This ensures that PMP® candidates are being taught by qualified instructors who understand the content and can meet their needs as modern day learners. 

In brief, no one allowed to teach PMP® if he/she is not a PMP® certified instructor. Here are requirements to become a PMP certified trainer:

  1. The PMP Instructors must be PMP certified
  2. The PMP Instructors must complete the Authorized Training
    Partner Train the Trainer – PMP® Exam Prep prior
    to offering any PMP® exam prep courses. Once
    completed, instructors will receive an Authorized
    Training Partner Instructor badge to show they
    are approved by PMI®.
  3. The PMP® Instructors must have agile experience to teach
    PMP® exam prep courses, and must submit a
    professional bio for review and approval when
    registering for their Train the Trainer session.
  4. Instructors must be affiliated with a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP) before registering for the Train the Trainer.
  5. Payment for a 2 day remote learning course. Instructor direct payments to PMI® are not accepted.

Actually, WEC is looking for more than 20 PMP® certified instructors to meet the current need. If you are interested, please fill the small form in your right to proceed with your Train the Trainer course.