Why is PMP® exam changing in 2019?

The exam is changing because our job as project manager has changed.

Every 3-5 years, PMI® conduct a research to understand how the professional has progressed, impact of professional and how responsibilities of project manager have changed. The last round was in 2015 as the result of current exam content outline.

Experts from leading organizations around world have worked with PMI® to define PMP® of future. The result of this research was publication of new PMP® exam content outline in June of 2019, and six month later, this new outline will lead to updated PMP® exam.

What are the challenges associated with this change?

With the 2019 PMP® exam change, we have the following challenges: 

  • The new PMP® exam is bigger

The analysis of change shows that about 70% of current exam is now contained within domain 2: Process , and other two domains People and Business environment-contain largely new content

  • Agile is a must

Half of questions on new content will be Agile and Hybrid approaches. Therefore you must know both knowledge and experience of what it’s like to work in these environments.

  • The new PMP® will be harder

With so many topics and methods that have been added to exam and that you have to know about, it’s no surprise that passing exam will be harder.

Is the PMBOK® also changing?


The PMP® exam uses PMBOK® Guide sixth edition as one of references for PMI® the PMBOK® Guide seventh edition is not accepted until 2023. This means that PMI® will continue to use PMBOK® Guide sixth edition till 2023. Thus, use PMBOK® Guide no matter if you are taking the exam before or after 15th December 2019.

How can we help?

We are ready to assist people sitting for PMP® exam before  16th December 2019.