What are Project Management PDUs?                                                                 

Professional Development Units known as PDUs in project management are means to keep you updated about the ongoing project management professional world and also maintain your PMP certification.

Why earn the required PDUs?

When you get certified in project management, the Project management Institute, (PMI), requires you to remain engaged within the field of project management by getting 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) within three years to maintain the certification.

Apart from remaining actively engaged within the project management field by acquiring 60 PDUs, the other option is resitting for the PMP exam. PDUs make it easier to maintain certification as a Project Management Professional.

What if one is as a project manager throughout?

Working in Project Management is not sufficient to maintain certification. The world of Project Management is constantly evolving and new information is being generated. Maintaining PDUs helps one to keep up with the pace of development within the Project Management world.

How can one earn PDUs within Kigali, Rwanda?

PDUs are provided by a PMI R.E.P (Registered Education Provider) which Worldwide E-Learning Campus (WEC) in Rwanda is recognized as; you can check here. WEC provides PDUs using both face to face and also distance learning like seminars/webinars, industry events; with convenient hours and on affordable prices.