Payment method

Due to COVID 19, the management has decided to help students during the Lockdown for digital literacy training, and everything will be offered online at: 

  • Registration Payment is 30,000 Rwf (this is paid before training fees or together)
  • Payment for One Module is 120,000 Rwf
  • For Corporate or Group training, fees will vary. 

The Full Package of Digital Literacy has 7 Modules at least.

Bank Name: Bank of Kigali (BK)

Account Name: The International Polytechnic Institute (IPI)

Account Number: 00095 0684279 14

Special Discount: 

Bulk payment of 7/4 modules (registration fees excluded)

  • Discount for the full package: Pay 770,000 Rwf for 7 modules once
  • Discount for 4 modules bulk payment package: Pay 440,000 Rwf for 4 modules once
  • For Corporate or Group training, fees will vary. 


  • You must be a student with a valid active ID card.
  • You must have a computer with internet connection.
  • Pay due fees before the start of the course



Tel: +250788464921

Address: M.Peace Plaza, 8th Floor, Block B