As indicated in National digital policy to implement the digital literacy in schools and universities, and to fight COVID-19 pandemic, we have planned and organizing a remote digital literacy training to schools/universities’ students being held at home till September 2020. The digital literacy will provide to them the advanced office productivity skills in addition to the knowledge of safely using online platforms. We’ll go over examples for the home, classroom, workplace, and for personal hobbies. We want you to understand how quickly your life can be improved with enhanced digital literacy.

In that case, we have decided to provide 7 modules in the following order:

  1. Computer Essential
  2. Online Essential
  3. Online Collaboration
  4. Word processing
  5. Spread Sheet
  6. Presentation
  7. ICT in Education
The Digital knowledge we want to give to the students in this period will make them be able to accelerate their level of thinking and adapt themselves to the current office productivity’s need and dealing with online environment such as online classes, webinars,  and online researches using:

 Digital literacy at home

·         Computer skills

·         Communications

·         Social media

·         Internet navigation

·         Making use of personal devices and apps

·         Determining the validity of a source
Digital literacy in schools

·         Online safety

·         Learning how to utilize personal devices appropriately

·         Note-taking and organization

·         Online courses

·         Teaching skills to others

Digital literacy in the workplace

·Word processors, spreadsheet generators, and presentation software

· Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are probably the most popular programs to master, but Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are great to learn, too!

· Safely storing company data

· Choosing an appropriate platform to showcase your content and media

· Colleague collaboration

· Creating a professional online profile

Digital literacy for your personal hobbies.

·         Starting your own blog

·         Creating your own website

·         Video creation and editing

·         Lifelong learning