Training  for  Jobs

With 140+ Virtual/Remote Customer Support Staff, WEC have been blessed to be included into a Training for Jobs consortium aiming at attracting different sponsors and private candidates for the program. This consortium includes training providers and employers so that the trainings are aligned to the employers’ needs. This linkage brings in employment opportunities and the assurance of gaining the skills needed by remote technical support employers.  

Why Technical Support?

Technical support is considered as a “backup career” because it can enter the industry with any experience level and background. In our life, we always need support and we build good relations from previous best support. It becomes extremely fantastic when it’s about technical support from lower to higher level support. It’s always impressive.  

On the other had, support service is the backbone of the company’s success, making it one of the most critical roles you can play. In life, there is a unique thing that doesn’t accept a second chance and that’s “First Impression” we get from the first support especially when it’s technical. 

Therefore, our Certification of Remote Technical Support implies highest employment probability in current and hot remote job opportunities. If our client alone has a capacity to absorb a good number of new entry level remote support staff every month, how about our partners in the consortium or big players worldwide?

Who is targeted?

Google’s former SVP of People Operations Laszlo Bock said “When you look at people who don’t go to school and make their way in the world, those are exceptional human beings. And we should do everything we can to find those people”.  

Actually, a lot of international big companies like Google, Facebook, IBM, EY(UK), Hilton, Apple, Bank of America, etc. are no longer looking for college degrees while recruiting because a degree doesn’t tell them about talent, willingness and commitment. 

Therefore, even if some of WEC’s partners may be having degrees’ appetite, at WEC we believe in talent and courage to make it. That’s why we are considering every young person from Senior 6 up to PhD graduates in case they want to join our Training for Jobs program. We highly believes in actions. One unique and compulsory requirement is to have B2 English level (75%) for any applicant.   

In fact, technical support focuses on getting things done timely and accurately and not on academic level. Through our “Experience Based Learning”, customers will recommend the best trainees and hence candidates to remote jobs’ recommendation.   

Government support

Under the Priority Skills for Growth (PSG) Program initiated trough a partnership agreement between the World Bank and the Government of Rwanda where its major component includes the Skills Development Fund II (SDF II) of the Rwanda TVET Board, WEC received a training fund for 50 students and 29 from them are already employed and others will follow shortly. 

We are still approaching different government institutions through our consortium for other funds. However, applicants shouldn’t rely on the government funds since we receive a lot of applications and they cannot sponsor everyone. 

Learn and Work Initiative

The last but not the least, WEC is a higher learning institution accredited by the Rwandan Higher Education Council (HEC) for the Advanced Diploma in Cloud Computing. So, by March 2022 we will recruit 30 students and they will be working and learning and hence capable to pay tuition fees and still reserve a considerable amount at end of every month. Our Bugesera Campus is under renovation and once complete students will need to be there physically and working part-time remotely. 

However, applicants must meet the B2 English level (75%) requirement. It is a skills based program like the ones provided by the public IPRCs of the Rwanda Polytechnic.   

Apart from working students, also independent non-working students can join our program. Depending on their performance, they may also get employment along the way of they learning journey and they will be taken with a highest priority. However, before getting employment, they must pay all due tuitions fees. 

The best part of the program relies on triple advantage of learning & working, in addition to progression higher the advanced technical support works recommendations. 

Confusion removal

The Training for Jobs Initiative doesn’t mean that we will provide jobs to all trainees and this is impossible. In fact, WEC or partners don’t provide jobs to unsuccessful job applicants. Apart from the training and recommendation to the advanced support jobs, we are a company of equal opportunities and our recruitment process is highly fair. In few words, it’s a self-service job offering where all depend on the applicants’ performance.  What is the difference between us with other institutions, we are regularly absorbing a good number of new remote technical support staff every month.